Ryuken Design


Ryuken Design is, first and foremost, a web design company. Our main service is the design and development of websites, whether for business or personal reasons. We also offer services including web hosting and script installation, and we can handle the registration of your domain name

Website Design and Development

Ryuken Design works closely with the client, in person or over the Internet, to produce a design for a website. The design is implemented using HTML (including full XHTML compliancy where required) and CSS. Scripting solutions are provided in the form of PHP and JavaScript. Ryuken Design can produce both text-based and image-based website layouts. Options in website design and development include:

Ryuken can handle the design and development of your website from start to finish, or simply a part of it. Websites range from basic HTML-only pages to fully scripted solutions, at very competitive prices (POA).

Script Installation

Many websites rely on script integration for functionality - for example, message boards, shopping carts or ratings systems - and it's often easier to use a pre-made script. Ryuken Design supports the use of free open-source software, and can install and set up a script on your server for integration into your website. Please note that this service relies on server compatibility.

Web Hosting

Ryuken Design can assist you in the selection of a hosting server for your website, or host your website through the affiliated hosting service RewindHost.

Domain Name Registration

At this stage, domain names cannot be registered directly through Ryuken Design or RewindHost, but we can assist you in the selection of a domain name registrar for your website.